6th Annual Legal Services Conference 2018

Cassandra was on the panel along with Senator Brownsberger and others talking to lawyers and students about the new law they helped get passed for April 13, 2018.  This was the largest criminal justice bill passed in the state of Massachusetts in a decade.

The coalition for JobsNotJails became a serious advocate for this law.  Cassandra Bensahih along with others shared her story along with other members of the post incarcerated community to get the legislature to work together to change these laws.

These were laws that created a barrier to lifestyles that would produce a better outcome for those returning to society after incarceration.

This book contains the law and a break down of each new law:

Cassandra Bensahih was mentioned in the book, right before Senator William N. Brownsberger:


Cassandra was said to quote:

“I was proud to be mentioned in this law program what was shared with lawyers from all over Massachusetts.  This book will service as a quick reference to them on the newest criminal justice reforms in our state.”


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